In Mobiles in Popular Culture

The 90s kids would remember watching this animated series on their TV screens. However,
Pokemon Go, unlike the Pokemon show, was not just for kids. It had a diverse appeal. It had
something magical about it. It perhaps brought our real and fantasy world together. Isn't that all that
Augmented Reality (AR) is to a common man?
Of course, AR is not all about creating such 'wow' experiences. A simple scanning of QR codes is also,
in a way, an AR experience. In spite of its varied uses, the word AR is still primarily associated with
the Superimposition experience it can create.
Surprisingly though, people know very little about AR, even when they are already using quite a lot
of it. Snapchat was the first social media app to introduce the concept of Stories and is now leading
the augmented reality (AR) revolution. Isn't Snapchat a household name today? Even those of us
who have not used the app, have an idea about it. If not a thorough understanding of its uses, we
may have certainly heard of its abuses (Tanmay Bhat’s Snapchat Video, ahem ahem).
There is, therefore, no denying that we already are in the world of AR. How did this concept and
technology that once seemed like a distant dream, penetrate our lives so quickly? How is the AR
market growing steadily, in spite of the bottlenecks? The answer to these questions is our very own,
very dear, never to part-Smart Phones.